Gio Saverino; a Classy and Modern ladies footwear brand. Starting from 21st century, with shoes at its art, Gio Saverino is offering an empowered sense of fashion and a comfortable style that not only locally sell but also worldwide sell. 

Gio Saverino, which focus in either Western and Eastern fashion style has expanded from its offline store in Indonesia to Online Store, due to the mass demand of its stylish shoe-made and a fast yet convenient online transaction locally and internationally.  

The fashionable designs, impeccable craftsmanship and affordable price strike a chord with customer’s satisfaction. The Ready Stocks of Gio Saverino’s collections and NOT PO system is really enjoyed by each customer needs.

Gio Saverino’s strength is expressed by its design-made which also bond with the combination of heart and art that always be a trend in anywhere. Be a Classy yet Modern style with Gio Saverino.